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The 15 best tips for WhatsApp Marketing

  1. Make the most of the cross-platform system: One of the main things to remember about the WhatsApp marketing strategies is that you get the advantage of a cross-platform system. So even for those who are not in your immediate social media circle can be reached through this. There is also the added advantage of traffic analytics. This gives you the perfect idea as to which networks are the most popular among the target audience that you have. Through the third party sources, you can get hold of these traffic analytics. So now you have at your disposal the access to data which will help you modify the social media strategy you previously had in mind. You can now have direct access to the specific target audience.
  2. The advantage of the Group Chat feature: One of the best things about WhatsApp marketing strategies is that it is interactive in nature. Much of it is courtesy of the feature of group messages which can be shared among the members of the group along with their response. When you are dealing with a particular focus group this will be all the more useful. In case you have in mind a market study before the launch of a new product, even then this feature can be used to a good effect.
  3. It creates Broadcast Lists: There is a facility of using invitations or link in the messages that are sent. Through created lists, you can increase the one-way communication and thus the engagement with your potential consumers.
  4. Free messaging: This easily stands out as one of the biggest boons of WhatsApp marketing strategies. While services like SMS require money, WhatsApp messages are free and can be used just by the usage of internet data. This is such a benefit where both the user and the marketers are beneficiaries.
  5. You can reach out to an international audience: WhatsApp is not limited by the boundaries of a particular country. It may so happen that the target customer group is in another country. Your marketing strategy will not be hampered if you use WhatsApp for the same.
  6. The best possible customer support: The usage of WhatsApp is not limited to a smartphone and it can be used just as much in the desktop as well. There it will be compatible with many of the desktop devices and this will allow you to have great customer support. You will be able to come up with instant answers for their questions and earn quite a reputation for it.
  7. Use the creative offers and promotions that customers can’t refuse: These new offers will be the thing that has them glued to your products or services. Some of the companies like Homeshop18 have already tried it out with much success.
  8. Build a steady user loyalty: This can be collectively done through the group lists and you can have a great rapport with your customer base. The push notifications, group chats, etc. will help you in the process.
  9. You have the choice of using phone calls: WhatsApp is certainly not restricted to using the messaging services only. You even have the choice to include phone calls in your WhatsApp marketing strategies. In case someone is interested in the service or the product and want to speak over the phone for further details, they can actually do so with WhatsApp as a marketing tool.
  10. Focus on the content: Even with all the advantages, you do need to have a very solid content base. Otherwise, everything will just fall flat on its face. Use short yet powerful and gripping messages. The advantage you have here is that unlike Twitter there are no restrictions on the characters and you can use as many you want to put through your message.
  11. Incorporate both created and curated content: Here you have the option of sending both and you can do so keeping in mind the ratio between the created and curated content.
  12. Know the audience you will cater to: This is one of the first things of any marketing and WhatsApp marketing too needs to be well versed with such things. Use the words carefully to appeal to your target customer base and make sure that it has an impact.
  13. Keep the customer first: Boasting about your products at all times may not be the best of ideas. Keep in mind their needs and demands as the consumers and address them at every opportunity. This is going to be extremely beneficial for the business in the long run.
  14. The opt-out option should always be at the back of your mind: You must have content that is gripping enough because always remember that the customer has the big choice of opting out of your notifications. The first impression thus ought to be a good one.
  15. Develop a healthy customer relation: For this, you can leave the WhatsApp numbers in the official websites and the social media networks. This will help the customers to get in touch with you directly via the mobile. The best results can be achieved if you start using WhatsApp advertising after you have this stable rapport with your customer base.

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